1960-67 Visual Compositions S. F. Conservatory of Music Sonic Series and San Francisco Tape Music Center San Francisco, CA
1962 Theater Sculpture For Watchers, Walkers, Touchers (a 140 foot long interactive polysensory course in an octagonal room) San Francisco Museum of Art
1961-63 Visual Environments Anna Halprin Dance Company Kentfield, CA
1964-65 City Scale: 6 hour work using the whole city as set collaboration with Ramon Sender and Ken Dewey Tulane Drama Review, Vol. 10
1964 Film for Play! #1 collaboration with Morton Subotnick  
1964-65 Multiple projection score and film for Mandolin by Morton Subotnick    
1963-64 Multiple projection score and film for Desert Ambulance by Ramon Sender San Francisco Tape Music Center San Francisco, CA
1964 Light Improvisation with David Tudor and Pauline Oliveros
1964-65 After General Booth Enters Into Heaven
1964-65 George Washington Slept Here I & II (with Pauline Oliveros)
1964 Light Improvisations for voice and tamboura
1965 Light score and performance for Terry Riley In C
1964-65 Floorlamps (for lamps, video, 5 instrumentalists, and interactive score)
1964-65 Room: Film Theater: 20 minutes of unchanging loft room with sporadic additions and subtractions of things and people
1965-66 Multiple projection score and film for UCLA The Tarot Play IV by Morton Subotnick University of California Los Angeles, CA
1965 In The Garden (with Ramon Sender)   Berkeley, CA
1965 - 4/67 Original multi-projector light shows for groups including: The Jefferson Airplane, The Great Society, The Grateful Dead, Muddy Waters, The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, The Mothers of Invention, Them, Junior Wells, James Cotton. Bill Graham's Fillmore West San Francisco, CA
1966 Light composition for The Beard by Michael McClure
1966 Multi-projector light show for The Byrds Whiskey A Go-Go Los Angeles, CA
1966 Light composition using multiple projection for Monteverdi incoronazione di Poppea Mills College Oakland, CA
1966 Trips Festival Longshoreman's Hall San Francisco, Ca.
1965-66 Outlined visual control synthesizer built by Carl Countryman   San Francisco, CA
1967 Film and multiple projection for Wild Bull by Morton Subotnick Colgate University Hamilton, NY
Silent Light NYU Loeb Center New York, NY
1967-70 Visual Director, created original visual system The Electric Circus, St. Marks Place
1968-69 Special programs included works for the Electric Ear Series of new music and visual compositions (e.g. Electronic Chamber with Morton Subotnick)
1968 Electronic Chamber (for large space, electronic system Y, low-voltage lamps, columnated light and interactive sound (with Morton Subotnick) Museum of Modern Art
Interactive Sculpture
1969 Interaction Room (or Game Room) (20 x 20 x 10 room containing light and projection installation activated by viewers using game principles) Howard Wise Gallery New York, NY
You, Me, We
La Jolla Museum of Art La Jolla, CA
Column Howard Wise Gallery New York, NY
The Well
Everson Museum, permanent collection Syracuse, NY
Door Howard Wise Gallery New York, NY
Butler Institute of American Art Youngstown, Ohio
1971 The Well II University Of Indiana Art Museum, permanent collection Bloomington, Indiana
1975 Word Wall Longridge Plaza, permanent collection Rochester, NY
1982 Touching Forks Institute for Art & Urban Resources, P.S. 1 Long Island City, NY
Visual Compositions and Performances
1969 Silent Light II (with Bill Sward) Whitney Museum New York, NY
Islands: Projection scores for Jean Erdman and Mel Powell
1968-69 Light compositions for Electric Ear Series The Electric Circus
1970 Light Teepee Passing Light and Light Cook(with Bill Sward) NYU Loeb Student Center
Laser Dance Performance piece for laser projectors, dancers, words Wadsworth Athenaeum Hartford, CT
Interior light system for the Experiments in Art & Technology Pepsi Pavilion, Expo 70 Osaka, Japan
Dome Works I: Performance score for the Experiments in Art & Technology
1973 Energy Junction Near Grovers Mills Princeton University Princeton, NJ
Spectral Time, Tide York University Toronto, Canada
Cooper Union School of Art New York, NY
Shipworks (laser and sound) Avant Garde Festival Ferry at South St. Pier
1974 Light composition in collaboration with David Tudor for Merce Cunningham  
1974-75 Light Pendulum Artist's studio
1980 Vector Image Wall and works on paper: Continuously changing electronic drawing (electronic system and video projection) Institute for Art & Urban Resources, P.S. 1 Long Island City, NY
1981 Flash (with Margot Farrington) Katonah Gallery Katonah, NY
1985 Visual score for Ink, Idea, White-Out by Margot Farrington: Poetry & Visual Media Series Ward Nasse Gallery New York, NY
1988 Interior Bloom: (for multiple film and video projection) Victoria Theater San Francisco, CA
San Francisco Tape Music Center Retrospective: Works of 1963-66
1992 Who You Are Looking For Is Who Is Looking    
1993 Award and A showing of Who You Are Looking For Is Who Is Looking, The 24th Baltimore Independent Film & Video Makers Competition Baltimore Film Forum at the Baltimore Museum Of Art Baltimore, MD
2001 Retrospective for works performed in collaboration with composers of the San Francisco Tape Music Center, and more recent video projection piece Los Angeles County Museum Of Art Los Angeles, CA
2002 Over Under Across, video projection installation Eyebeam, Beta Launch N.Y.C.
New York, NY
Feb.-Mar. 2003 Visual Poetry in Light in Time, three works for projection

Sideshow Gallery
Brooklyn , N.Y.
2003 Galaxy, a work for the web

Electronic Arts Intermix
New York, NY
2003 Light Marks Converse for computer and video projection Sidewinder with Morton Subotnick liquid projection, painting in time Cal Arts Theater at Disney Center Los Angeles , Ca.
March 2004 Mode Records release
Sidewinder with Morton Subotnick
April 22, 2004 Interpretations Series Concert Merkin Hall New York City
October 1,2, 2004 Wow and Flutter - Compositions for light, with composers of the San Francisco Tape Music Center, 1963-67 EMPAC at RPI
2005 Hirshhorn-Smithsonian, Moca LA exhibition "Visual Music" - Book entry- p. 160 and Chronology MOCA Los Angeles
Film Festival - " Five Stanzas"   Seoul, Korea
2006 Works and discourse presented by John Hanhardt, Sr. Curator, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum - The Annual Fales Lecture in English and American Literature - "Off The Beaten Path: Archiving The Creative Process in Late Twentieth Century Art"    
2006 Rotterdam, Netherlands Film Festival " Five Stanzas " DVD Presented by Center for Visual Music Los Angeles
November 2006 Anthony Martin, Visual Composer Songlines Series, Center for Contemporary Music,
Mills College
Oakland, Ca
2006 Tony Martin's personal papers are available for research at The Fales Library    
January 2007 "Three Visual Compositions" : two DVD's and Improvisation
Issue Project Room
Brooklyn, NY
2008 NYC and Vytlacil Center: performances- Art&Music Art Students League

Miami-Basel Artfair : Multiprojector performance sponsored by PS1

Miami-Basel Artfair

Art Students League, Painting as Moving Image, with live Jazz NYC
2009 "Light Pendulum” an interactive light sculpture commissioned for free103point9 Wave Farm Catskill, NY
  “Sound.Light.Migrations”,’09 with Pauline Oliveros Mills Music Festival
“Desert Ambulance”, ’63 with Ramon Sender
2010 The Boiler Pierogi Gallery Brooklyn, NY
Far Fields Variations: Dark& Light 2008,09 Treadwell, NY
2011 Painting as Moving Image Performance with music by Morton Subotnick Roulette, Brooklyn - and European tour - Brussels, Rotterdam, Bremen, Lisbon
2011-12 Residency Installation Clocktower gallery NYC
2013 Performance on November 21, 2013 Issue Project Room Brooklyn, NY
2014 INSCAPING - Tony Martin, Margot Farrington - April Art 101 Brooklyn, NY
  As Above So Below - Tony Martin, Martha Lloyd, Larry Webb, Peter Acheson - May 2 - June 15 Thompson Giroux Gallery Chatham, NY
2015 The Well ©1969 Tony Martin to be shown in "Hippie Modernism: The Struggle for Utopia" - October 17, 2015 through February 28, 2016 Walker Art Center Minneapolis, Minnesota
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